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Miguel's experience as an entrepreneur and his involvement in philanthropy both began at the age of 13. His first entrepreneurial venture was as an independent contractor for the Temple Daily Telegram waking up at 4:30am to deliver newspapers on his bicycle to his customers by 6am.  Miguel's first experience with philanthropy was volunteering at the Olin E. Teague Veteran's Center in Temple, Texas where he received special recognition for volunteering more than 300 hours in one summer. Miguel graduated from Temple High School in 1987 and worked various jobs to put himself through college part-time until he graduated at the age of 26 with a Bachelor's degree in 1996.  Miguel was the only paternal grandchild of eight to graduate from college and only one of three out of 29 maternal grandchildren to do so.   After graduation, Miguel only worked five years as a 

W-2 employee starting as a marketing coordinator and leaving at the top of his field at the age of 31 as the Director of Marketing and Development for a statewide agency.  He loved marketing and wanted to apply his experience toward his endeavors in entrepreneurship.  Since that time Miguel has owned a mortgage franchise, a medical spa, a training business, two restaurants, three fitness clubs, and various online retail businesses.   In 2018, Martinez sold the  last of those assets and his interests as he prepared to turn 50 years old in June 2019 and  pursue new ventures in age management, writing books and producing movies.   Currently, Miguel is developing a concept for a PRP skin therapy and hormone replacement clinic for men.   Miguel is also finishing his first book, based on the fitness principles he successfully applied to hundreds of personal training clients in his gyms.  In the fall of 2018, Miguel started production and filming of a horror movie he wrote and plans to resume that project in the fall of 2019.  Miguel states, “There is no end goal for me. I want to continue to improve and get better until the day I pass on to the next life. When that day comes, I want to know that everything and everyone I’ve been involved with became better and I lived life doing what I enjoyed and was passionate about.” 

Miguel currently resides in Dallas with his life partner Cesar and their two rescue dogs, Bandit and Barkley. 

Current Projects


Salmar Ventures

Founded by Miguel in 2006, this is his privately held investment company with a vision focused on integrity, adaptability and sustainability in helping to build the next big movement in his personal interests involving technology, entertainment, hospitality, health and philanthropy.  



Award winning and proven fitness and health brand centered on holistic and sustainable strategies, products and services.  


The Builtco Principles

A book on the six proven principles 

Miguel and his personal trainers used in his fitness clubs  in  their personal training programs that helped hundreds of people transform their bodies and build an ideal, proportionate and sustainable physique.  A step by step guide helping the reader build a personalized program centered around diet, exercise, supplements, cardio,  recovery and accountability.


Sangre Vida Therapy Solutions

A membership based, private practice 

offering hormone replacement therapy and  platelet rich plasma therapy strategies for men. As a successful beneficiary of these strategies for  more than fifteen years, Miguel wants to advocate for the correct use  of these strategies and help other men realize their full potential.


County Road 2217 

A found footage, horror genre movie based on actual events. The plot is centered around six friends on a birthday trip who have taken a shortcut after the highway they are traveling on is backed up because of an accident.  After a couple of strange incidents on the road, one of the friends realizes the shortcut they took is County Road 2217 where six people were murdered three years prior on that same date. Based on actual events that occurred on a remote  East Texas campsite in 2015. 


El Gran Ganador Tequila

100% organic blue agave tequila inspired by the sacrifices and the accomplishments of generations of the Martinez-Salazar family who have been native to the lands of the United States since the 1500's.  



Future Projects


Miguel plans to continue writing as he has concepts for an additional  seven working titles for books including a book based on lessons learned as an entrepreneur in hopes of helping others not make the same mistakes.  Miguel states, "I have read a lot of books on what to do but not really anything giving direction on what not to do and there are a lot of us entrepreneurs who have made a lot of the same mistakes.  We should not be ashamed to discuss and help potential entrepreneurs make less of the common mistakes we made."  Miguel has enjoyed horror movies since he was a teenager and plans to continue writing, producing and directing additional horror movies as he feels the genre has been suffering from mediocrity and wants to contribute his ideas on what a good horror movie should be.  He has concepts for an additional ten horror movies and three of them are inspired on true events.

 Miguel has given time and money to many causes including serving on the host committee of Philanthropy in Texas magazine for three years and sponsoring events for the Black Tie Dinner organization and Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids (DIFFA).  Miguel states,  "It has become a pursuit of mine to start a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation to advocate for animals, the elderly, children, military veterans, first responders, teachers, people with disabilities, minorities, the medically challenged, the poor and our environment.  I didn't grow up from the best circumstances, I've been knocked down quite a bit and I've made a lot of mistakes but I can't imagine any greater gift or motivator than life, and it's puzzling to me why we would not want to contribute our time and resources to help make it better for ourselves and others."  

Miguel plans to continue his passion for philanthropy and start exploring opportunities to enter politics.  Miguel eventually plans to write a book about his philosophy and principles  regarding healthcare, education, immigration, the economy, international relations, the environment, philanthropy, religion and human rights.  He plans to use this book as his platform into politics.  

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